Wet & Powder Paint

Located in Pacoima, California, Color-Tec has been providing high-quality industrial finishing services since 1978. We are committed to customer satisfaction and we produce both small and high-volume jobs for a broad range of industries including aerospace, medical, and industrial markets.

We paint anything from the most complex, intricate aerospace components to the very simple and inexpensive products. Our runs vary in size from custom and prototype to production and provide quick turnaround and competitive lead times on all projects.

Spray Painting

Color-Tec is certified in a wide variety of processes. Our spray applications include the following:

Powder Coating

We carry a large variety of stock colors, as well as materials from all manufactures

We consistently produce quality finishes on castings and other problem substrates. We also are able to fill & sand voids for items that get powder coated for a class A finish.

Silk Screening

Our in-house silk screening provides customers with a one-stop shopping solution. We have the unique capability to screen print on bare and plated steel alloys as well as plastic, glass, vinyl, painted, powder coated, textured, contoured, and curved surfaces. Test runs of sample parts are available to ensure best quality and adhesion.